These are the Gourd Orchestra's CDs of original music played on handmade instruments from locally grown gourds.

The Gourd Orchestra plays its own brand of paleolithic lounge music, mixing past with present, rhythm with melody, chaos with order.

Backyard Shangri-La: $14.00 - CD
   > info and music samples

Gourd Shack: $14.00 - CD
   > info and music samples

Enchanted Evening: $14.00 - CD
  > info and music samples

Refuge in a Gourd: $14.00 - CD …… Cassette : $10.00
  > info and music samples


Use our order form (pdf)

Print, fill-out order form and include check or money order made payable to Arthur Stephens then mail to:

Arthur Stephens
4401 Bromley
Richmond, VA 23221

price includes postage & handling

For deliveries to CANADA or MEXICO please add $1.00 to your order. For all other countries please add $3.00 to your order.

Money orders requested for international deliveries.

Backyard Shangri-La CD cover

Gourd Shack CD cover

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